Food: Pistachio Cake

Do you have a favorite afternoon cake? Something sliced and pretty that tastes amazing with a cup of tea or coffee? I think a coffee and walnut from an ancient cooking book is the one for me, but since I have no idea where the recipe is I decided to try something new today: pistachio and blackberry.

I ate a delicious light and fluffy pistachio cake at Miro’s tea house a while ago and have been dreaming of it since. I wish I’d taken a picture but it is a three-layer creation beautifully decorated with what I think is cream cheese frosting and blackberries. Elegant, maybe slightly eighties in colors: jewel-like berries nestled on the palest jade-green frosting. Then they stopped making it.

I looked up a few recipes and picked this one .I normally substitute or mess around with a few of the proportions e.g. put in some almond flour for all purpose flour, but this time, I followed the recipe exactly. Despite that, it was much more dense than it looked in the pictures. I don’t know what it is but lately I just can’t get light and fluffy cakes. Maybe I was supposed to whip the egg whites separately, like a genoise? The recipe has baking powder and soda, so I had assumed that was not necessary. In any case, it’s super tasty, full of fresh pistachio flavor and crunch, but much denser and less light than I was expecting. I used the suggested cream cheese frosting, adding in some blackberry jam in the sandwich layer as well. The jam was too sweet along with the frosting, so next time I’d reduce down some fresh blackberries for the filling.

I decided not to go for the honey frosting suggested in the recipe, but instead for a good old plain cream cheese frosting.

I’d definitely attempt this cake again, obviously trying to lighten it with whipping the egg whites. It was gone in two days, yum!


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