Data Science: Python

From speaking to data scientists, economists and machine learning analysts, it seems like there are two main choices for mainstream programming languages: Python and R, with Julia coming in third. Some interesting discussions here

Python is the fastest-growing as it has such comprehensive machine learning libraries. Therefore, I’ve decided to go for Python. There are so many free and paid online courses, that for now, I think doing that will suffice. I think this is a sensible overall plan for someone interested in getting ready for data science:

This is a great Medium post on how to go about creating your own data science learning experience, ranking all kinds of online courses.

1. Some of the courses available:




2. Doing data science practice questions

– Udemy course

Analytics Vidhya

Project Euler

3. Flashcards for myself testing basic statistics and other machine learning concepts

4. Set up a Github page with my own code that others can see? Not quite ready for this step yet.


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